Generate iPhone 5,5s Backup Easily

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iPhone 5,5s is the firm latest smart phone, and brings a range of new features to tempt users to upgrade or move over to the iOS family. To put the 5S up against its predecessor , the iPhone 5, to see if it is worth upgrading from the 2014 premium model to its 2013 sibling. User’s of iPhone 5, 5s are able to upgrade their devices to run the latest mobile operating system from Apple, iOS9 . The newly upgraded software was rolled out in September 2015. iOS9 delivers improved battery life, high level of security, context aware search and a reduced file size to make installing the operating system an easier process for devices upgrading from iOS8.

Key features holds a smarter version of Apple’s virtual assistant siri, which gains a new user interface and the ability to to be more proactive while handling on billion requests it receives every week. Siri is able to deal with requests in a more contextual way, making advice based on user’s location or what is currently on the screen of an iPhone or iPad. This new iOS gives the native maps app adding a subset feature called Transit which provides specific information on public transport.

The iPhone 5s is pretty much identical to the iPhone 5 in terms of design but features are somewhat different from each other. Both have aluminium case and glass screen, retaining the premium look and feel for the latest model so you are not faced with downgrading to the plastic iPhone 5C. Both devices are compatible and comfortable to hold, with the same same thin and light build, measuring 124X59X7 .6mm and weighing only 112g. Both iPhones feature have a power button , with a SIM card slot on the right , a ringer on/off button and volume controls on the left( plus button can also be used to take pictures from the camera app). There is a headphone jack, microphone , lightening charging port and speaker on the bottom of the device. User’ swill notice flash has been changed and is now egg shaped rather than circular, new dual flash. Apple added to improve image quality in poor lightening conditions.

The only difference is the home button, which remains on the same position and retains its circular shape, but it is now edged in stainless steel with a sapphire crystal. The only difference in design is color choice , while the iPhone 5 was only available in black or white. The iPhone is available in three colors with gold or silver backs and white front or with a grey back and black front. However, gold option will no doubt prove popular with those posers out there who like a bit of bling in their lives.

However, there is no iPhone in this world which guarantee you of data recovery because data loss is uncertain and it can happen to any device. Your important files and other precious and beautiful memories can be disappear in a moment by mistake or accidental deletion. Hence, there is a backup software known as iPhone backup software compatible with every iPhone and helps you backing up your data as well as data recovery. By using, this you will be able to manage your files easily and use them when necessary.